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Our Car Recycling Comittment

As an independent business, we recognise the importance of maintaining a good reputation amongst customers and the local community, striving to conduct ourselves in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner.

Helping create a greener future

With this in mind, we take every step possible to recycle all scrap vehicles that we collect. All scrap vehicles are fully depolluted, with the vast majority of vehicles “broken down” for spare parts and components which are sold online or directly at our breakers yard.

Continuous investments in staff training and equipment help to maintain and improve our ability to recycle the vehicles we collect, leaving our customers safe in the knowledge that they have disposed of their vehicle in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.

Our green credentials

Not only do we fully depollute every scrap vehicle to ensure a complete environmentally safe disposal, we are proud members of the “Vehicle Recycler’s Association” and have reached the target of recycling a minimum of 95% of the non-metallic components of each vehicle collected.


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